Handcrafted Custom Leather by WC

Custom Leather - Modern Leather Gun Holsters
Handcrafted Custom Leather by WC

leather holster and knife sheath set
Custom Leather Holster_and Knife Sheath_Set
leather gun holster for 45
Leather Hi-rise Gun Holster
custom leather gun holster for 22
Custom Leather Gun Holster
for 22 Caliber

For more Custom Modern Gun Holsters visit www.leatherbywc.com
custom leather gun holsterCustom Leather Gun Holster for Chris Holster #2

Leather Cart Gun Belt
Hunters Belt
SIS leather gun holsterCustom SIS_Holster Detail leather pancake holsterCustom Leather Pancake Holster

Custom leather Hi-rise HolsterRageing Bull leather holster .454 8 3/4" -

Custom Leather Hunters BeltLeather Gun RugsThumbBrk_Kframe

45ACP_Brn Holster
 45ACP_Western Holster  -  Custom Leather - RifleElk2 -

Leather Rifle Scabbard
-  SIS_Holster - Custom Leather  - Leather Trap Shooters Bag -

Standing Bear's Trading Post - Home

Handcrafted Custom Leather by WC - Home

If I can be of service to you for your modern holster custom leather needs
you can contact me at inquiry@leatherbywc.com
let me know how I can assist you

with your custom leather needs

snail mail:
Leather By WC
"Standing Bear's Trading Post"
7624 Tampa Ave.
Reseda, Ca. 91335
818 342-9120

If you are looking for supplies for leathercraft
or Native American crafts, we have them!!!!!


I have had many inquires from AOL users
and have not been able to reply to some of them
because they have blocks to not receive e-mail from certain servers.
If you e-mail me and do not get a reply,
please check and see if you have a block and remove it.
E-mail me again and I'll try again...

There are no prices listed for any of my pieces
all my work is by custom order.

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Custom Leather - Modern Holsters
Handcrafted Custom Leather by WC

For Your Leathercraft Supplies Needs... Trust 30 years experience at Standing Bear's Trading Post
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Custom Leather For 30+ Years!
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