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MISC Personal & Home Items

Dream Catchers
Legend has it that these were hung over the bed and only good dreams would be had by the dreamer...The bad dreams were said to have been caught in the web of the Dream Catcher and could not find their way out. 
Only the good dreams would make it  through the webbing  and find their way to the person sleeping below. 

The mandella symbolizes the shield of good luck. By having one in the dwelling,  it was believed that the Gods would protect and bring prosperity, good health and happiness. 

Quilled Medicine Wheels
Fine Sioux Indian-made Quillwork in assorted colors. 
NOTE: These are hand-made and sizes may vary (approx. 2” diameter) 
Most are on genuine rawhide. 

4507-001-001 Single 
4507-001-002 Pair 

Camp Scrubber
This handy item is great for scrubbing pots and dishes both at home and at the rendezvous. 
Fits right into a primitive camp. 

Genuine Bone & Imitation Stag Pendants
These genuine hand-carved bone and imitation stag rosette pendants 
are very nicely made. 
Each is strung with a soft deerskin thong, 
crowbeads and pendant which measures approximately 3”. 
Total length approx. 15’ 

Genuine Buffalo Horn Bear Claw 
Water Buffalo Tooth 
Hand Carved Bone Arrowhead 
Bone Arrowhead 
Bone Bear Claw 
709-1515-007 Bone Turtle 
709-1515-007 Bone Large Turtle
709-1515-007 Bone Wolf Track 
709-1515-007 Bone War Eagle 
709-1515-007 Bone Medicine Wheel 
709-5323-001 Bear – Imitation Stag 
709-5323-001 Buffalo – Imitation Stag 
709-5323-001 Eagle – Imitation Stag 
709-5323-001 Turtle – Imitation Stag 

Horn Dice
These horn dice are handmade 
of natural horn. 

Pre-Made Non-Flight Arrows

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Clothing & Accessories

Assumption Sash and Garters
Authentic copies of French-Canadian assumption weavings worn by French voyagers. 
Now available in both a red and blue design. 
To complete item number, replace *** with desired color number. 
410 Red                                510 Blue
4514-***-200        Cienture (Sash) 
4514-***-300     Jarretierrs (Garters) 

Cloth Dress
This dress can be worn as an authentic camp dress 
or as a correctly styled dance outfit when combined with a concho belt and drag, 
bag set, apron, and other accessories. 
Kit contains 4 yards of calico material, and 
complete with 4 yards of 5/8” ribbon for binding and ties as well as 
highly detailed Missouri River Cloth Dress Pattern 
with step-by-step illustrated instructions. 

Makes a size 6-20. 
You may select from the colors listed and give us an idea as to 
whether you prefer a modern fabric or an older style for camp wear. 

To complete item number replace the first * 
with number corresponding to the size desired 
and the second *** with the material color number. 


Size         Number
Medium       2                 Large          3               X-Large      4               XX-Large   5 
Solid Colors
001 Black      082 Red    215 Forest Green     239 Teal       284 Purple      264 Royal Blue

Ribbon Shirt

The ribbon shirt is still the classic “Indian shirt” in cloth
and is won by Feather Dancers, Straight Dancers, Gourd Dancers, 
and occasionally by “Singers” or “MC’s” 
at present day Powwows and ceremonial gatherings. 

To complete item number, 
replace first * with number corresponding to the size desired 
and the second *** with the material color shown in chart. 

Number                 Size          Number                 Size
3                      Medium           4                          Large 
Number                 Size          Number                 Size
5                      X-Large           6                     XX-Large 

Solid Colors
001 Black     082 Red     215 Forest Green     239 Teal     264 Royal Blue     284 Purple

Rifleman’s Hunting Frock

A Rifleman’s Hunting Frock is the fringed coat 
worn during the revolution and exploration of the Eastern Frontier. 
Loose fitting made of linen-look cloth with fringe pulled by customer.
Available as a kit or finished. Please Specify Coat Size. 

4638-010-001      Completed Frock (Med/Large)
4638-010-001      Completed Frock  (XL/XXL) 
4874-010-001      Frock Kit 

Armbands – Plain
4550-032-712    1” wide           4550-033-712     1” wide, X-Long 13 ¾ “ 
4550-034-712      1 ½ “ wide    4550-035-712     1 ½ “ wide, X-Long 13 ¾ “ 

Armbands – Stamped
4550-010-712     1” wide          4550-011-712      1” wide, X-Long 13 ¾ “ 
4550-012-712     1 ½ “ wide     4550-013-712      1 ½ “ wide, X-Long 13 ¾“ 

Southern Plains Concho Belt Set
Complete set of eight 2 ¼ “ conchos, belt buckle and 8 drag pieces and tip. 
All authentically hand stamped to traditional designs. 
Complete with mounting instructions so all you need to do is 
order strap leather for mounting. 4550-031-712      Belt with Drag and Buckle
4550-042-712      Drag Only
4550-043-712      Conchos and Buckle

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Our supplier offer hats in two qualities 
regular wool felt and fine wool felt. 
Made in the U.S.A. 

Ordering Instructions for Hats:
If you do not know your hat size 
measure around your head in inches 
and find your size on the Inches- Size chart 

To complete item number, 
replace ** with the size from chart A for regular wool felt 
or chart B for fine wool felt. 

Inches - Size Chart
21 7/8 Inches Size 7   22 1/4 Inches  Size 7 1/8   22 5/8 Inches  Size 7-1/4
 23 Inches  Size 7 3/8    23 1/4 Inches Size 7 1/2   23 7/8 Inches   Size 7-5/8

Size Chart A - Regular Wool
Size                                                          Number
Small 6 ½ to 7                                                52 
Medium (7 1/8  to 7 ¼ )                                 54 
Large (7 3/8 to 7 ½ )                                      56 
X-Large ( 7 5/8 to 7 ¾ )                                58
Size Chart B – Fine Wool Felt
Size                                        Number
7                                              53 
7 1/8                                       54 
7 1/4                                       55 
7 3/8                                       56 
7 ½                                         57 
7 5/8                                       58

Style                 Number                 Type     Color

High Crown       4535-021-1**  Reg. Wool  Black 

Charles Brent       4535-091-1** Reg. Wool  Black 

Charles Brent       4535-092-1** Fine Wool   Black 

Charles Brent       4535-092-3** Fine Wool   Grey 

Jim Bridger        4535-051-1** Reg. Wool  Black 

Jim Bridger        4535-052-1** Fine Wool   Black 

Jim Bridger        4535-052-4** Fine Wool   Brown 

Topper            4535-101-1**  Reg. Wool  Black 

Liberty Cap
Hand knitted red yarn cap of excellent quality. 
Many times “Liberty or Death” 
was embroidered or painted on them, 
hence the name liberty cap. 
4635-000-001      Red 
4635-000-002      Blue 

Genuine Coontail Cap
Made of real animal fur 
with a raccoon tail 
and each is lined 

4536-001-151    Child Small 
4536-001-153    Child Medium 
4536-001-155    Child Large 
4536-001-251    Adult Small 
4536-001-253    Adult Medium 
4536-001-255    Adult Large

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Warbonnets, Headresses, Roaches, Spreaders & Rockers
***Please allow 4-10 Weeks for delivery of Warbonnets.***

Deluxe Warbonnet
Beautiful 32 feather bonnet. 
This fine imitation eagle feather bonnet is 
heavily plumed with fluff-covered crown, 
major plume, rabbit fur drops, horsehair tips, and beaded browband and rosettes. 

Number                 Tip          Base
4542-001-001    Red        White 
4542-001-002      White      White 
4542-001-900      (Color Choice)

Deluxe Double Trailer Warbonnet

Number             Tip          Base
4542-010-001    Red        White 
4542-010-002   White      White
4542-010-900      (Color Choice)

Regular Warbonnet
This 29 feather imitation eagle bonnet is double plumed at the base and tips, fluff covered crown, rabbit fur drops, and beaded browband and rosettes. Good economically priced bonnet for ceremonies etc. Bridle string is long so you can adjust the spread if you wish. Special orders are available upon request. 

Number                 Tip        Base 
4542-002-001      Red        White 
4542-002-002     White      White 
4542-002-900      (Color Choice)

Double Trailer Warbonnet

Number                 Tip          Base 

4542-011-001     Red        White 
4542-011-002    White      White 
4542-011-900     (Color Choice)

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Ready-Made Porky Roaches

Deer hair color chart
1      White 
2       Red 
4     Yellow 
5     Turquoise 
6    Royal Blue 

Deer Hair In and Out
The absolute top of the line roach, (features deer hair both inside and outside). To order, replace first * with desired color number of the outside row of the deer hair and the second * with the desired color number for the inside row. 

Number           Base       Front Hair
4545-210-*0*         6”         5 ½ “ 
4545-310-*0*         10”          6” 
4545-410-*0*         12”          6 ½ “ 
4545-510-*0*         15”          7” 
4545-710-*0*         18”          7 ½ “ 
4545-810-*0*         20”          7 ½ “ 
4545-910-*0*         22”       7 ½ “ – 8

Ready-Made Porky Roaches: 
Deer Hair Outside Only

These roaches are the same top quality as those above, but with deer hair on the outside of the guard hair only. Replace * with the color of deer hair desired from the color chart on previous page. 

Number           Base       Front Hair
4545-210-*00         6”         5 ½ “ 
4545-310-*00         10”         6” 
4545-410-*00         12”          6 ½ “ 
4545-510-*00         15”          7” 
4545-710-*00         18”          7 ½ “ 
4545-810-*00         20”         7 ½ “ 
4545-910-*00         22”          7 ½ “ – 8”

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Spreaders and Rockers

4550-001-712     1 Socket, Stamped 

4550-002-712    1 Socket, Plain 

4550-003-712      2 Socket, Stamped

4550-004-712     2 Socket, Plain 

4550-005-712      Rocker, Stamped 

4550-006-712      Rocker, Plain

Northern Traditional Spreader
Featuring extra-long sockets with chain connector system 
for the best spinning feathers possible. 

4550-021-712     Stamped 
4550-023-712      Plain

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Antique Hawk Bells
Number                  Diameter
3025-101-711            1/2” 
3025-102-711            5/8” 
3025-103-711          3/4" 

Hawk Bells
Original Old-Style brass bells with wire loops on back. Used on bustles, cradles, blankets, dance sticks and other traditional crafts. 

Number                 Size
3025-001-711      1/2” 
3025-002-711      5/8” 
3025-003-711      3/4"

Large Hawk Bells
Authentic, Old-Time bells made with the 
“ridged” center and wire loop back 
just like the old ones. 
These bells are excellent for traditional dancer’s bells, horse trappings, etc. 
Large size is available in nickel plate; 
all sizes available in brass plate. 

Number                            Diameter
3025-110-711                      1” 
3025-111-711                   1 1/4” 
3025-113-711                   1 5/8” 
3025-113-702                   1 5/8”

Nickel or Brass Sleigh Bells with Loop
These steel bells are available in three sizes 
with a loop on the back. 
Available in Nickel or Brass 

Number                              Size
3015-100-702      Nickel  1” 
3015-100-711      Brass     1” 
3015-125-702      Nickel     1¼“ 
3015-125-711      Brass     1¼“ 
3015-150-702    Nickel     1½“
3015-150-711      Brass     1½“

Nickel or Brass 
Sleigh Bells with Holes
These bells are a great addition 
to the other dance and utility bells. 
This bell is the same basic bell as the other sleigh bells with a loop
but these have an addition of a hole rather than a loop for attaching.
Available in Nickel or Brass 

Number                            Size
3016-100-702  Nickel        1” 
3016-100-711  Brass          1” 
3016-125-702  Nickel        1¼“ 
3016-125-711  Brass          1¼“ 
3016-150-702  Nickel        1½“ 
3016-150-711  Brass          1½“

Sheep Bells
These bells are available in two sizes. 
The larger size is probably the most popular 
for the adult feather dancer (6 per leg) 
and is available only in the copper plate finish. 
Smaller size is available in 
both copper and nickel plate finish. 

Number           Height   Size        Color
3010-008-703    2 ¾“      8            Copper
3010-000-703   1 7/8“    00           Copper 
3010-000-702    1 7/8“   00           Nickel 

Extra Large Nickel Sleigh Bell
A very high quality nickel-plated steel bell with pressed loop in the back for easy attachment. 
Normally a very hard size to locate, these are excellent for dance bells as well as other craft applications. 
These bells are 2” in diameter. 

3015-200-702      Nickel 
3015-200-711      Brass

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Campware, Cooking, Kitchen Supplies

gourd canteen, gourd product, cork stopper, trekking
Gourd Canteen
Great for trekking, this historically correct gourd canteen features a wooden neck with cork stopper and genuine rawhide reinforcement. Includes a leather carrying strap, and is lined with beeswax inside and out. Each is hand made in the USA 
(Supply is limited)     6051-100-001

Gourd Water Jug
Modeled after the Bents Fort water bottle this jug features a genuine gourd with cork stopper and leather carrying strap. Makes an authentic water jug for camp. Ideal for transporting water and for washing. Beeswax coated o the outside only. Each is hand made in the USA (Supply is limited)       6052-100-001

English Pewter Flasks & Tankards
Made from lead free, food grade pewter in Sheffield England, these accessories are perfect for your favorite beverage. Polished to a mirror finish, all are ideal for engraving. Pewter is extremely versatile and adds grace and elegance to contemporary and social occasions 
4688-00-001     Plain, Rounded – 5oz 
4688-00-001     Kidney Shaped – 6oz 
4688-00-001     Swan Handle – 16oz 
4688-00-001     Swan w/ Lid – 16oz

Revolutionary Copper Kettle
Patterned after an original in the museum of the Fur Trade, this unique copper kettle has a ring in the lid for lifting and iron socket handle so the lid can be used as a skillet and an iron ball for hanging or handling the entire pot. Handmade of copper with a heavy tin lining. These kettles date from approximately 1760 on.       5564-004-006

Wooden Canteens
An authentic, hand made reproduction of the canteen used during the revolution 
and through the Civil War. 
White pine construction, paraffin lined and furnished with cloth strap and iron bands. All kit parts are pre-cut. 

4664-101-001     Completed Canteen 
4864-101-001     Canteen Kit

Civil War Canteens
Very typical Civil War designs in tin and covered in woolen cloth. Cork stopper with metal cap and connected to canteen with chain. ¾ “ cloth carrying strap encircles the canteen and is held in place by three tin loops. Large canteen holds 2qts. And the small size holds approximately 16oz. 
available in Blue or Grey. 

4664-102-265     2qt Blue 
4664-103-265     16oz Blue 
4664-102-010     2qt. Grey 
4664-103-010     16oz Grey

Authentic Early American Canteens
Made from a one quart wooden barrel (parrafin lined) this canteen is manufactured with heavy strap leather and hand-hammered rivets. Used as early as the Revolutionary War.     4664-101-002

Old-Time Stoneware Shoulder Jugs
Good for authentic transportation and consumption of your favorite beverage. Hand dipped glaze. Cream color and brown top. 

4686-000-001     ½ Pint 
4686-000-002     1 Pint 
4686-000-003     4/5 Quart 
4686-000-004     ½ Gallon

Folding Lead Ladle
Every trapper carried a ladle for pouring bullets in the field and this ingenious design is handmade from iron like the originals. 
 loop in the folding handle allows insertion of a wooden stick to keep your hand cool and then folds around so it will fit compactly into your hunting pouch, 6” overall when extended; 4” when folded     4967-110-001

Tinware Coffee Pot
Tinned sheet iron kettles and pots began to appear in trade early in the 17th century, and no camp was complete without a good coffee pot. Ours is a copy of an authentic 19th Century design, complete with a handle on back and a wire bail with insulated wooden grip to facilitate pouring. The bail also allows the pot to hang from an S-hook over the fire, while small holes inside the pouring spout filter the coffee grounds. Great for heating water to dish wash or bathe. Makes 7 ½ cups. 

5532-001-100         1 Quart

Hand Forged Ironware
The ultimate in 
primitive cookware convenience, 
these wrought iron items are tops. 
This Hand-forged Ironware is historically authentic and very competitively priced. 
Our 32” combination crossbar/tripod set is made of ¾“ square steel 
and the 42” crossbar set is ½“ square steel. 

5576-001-003  32” Crossbar/Tripod Fire Set 
5576-001-002       42” Crossbar Fire Set 
5576-002-001       40” Tripod Fire Set 
5576-002-002       48” tripod Fire Set

Horn Drinking Cups
A common early frontier accessory, 
this kind of cup was usually found in the 
knapsack of the woodsman, whether horseman or on foot. 
Made of natural horn, it will serve rum keg, 
water bucket or medicine dispenser without prejudice. 

5560-300-008     3” Cup 
5560-500-008     5” Cup

Skillet Holder
Slips over upright and adjusts to any height above the fire. Firmly locks in place by gravity. 14” long 

Hudson’s Bay Copper Trade Kettles
These early style reproductions of original kettles once traded by the Hudson’s Bay Company are beautifully reproduced from solid copper and are tin lined to make them safe for cooking. Kettles have bail-type handles and lids feature a heavy copper ring for easy handling over the fire. These kettles are completely handmade. 
¼ Gallon         5.5” high X 5.5” Diameter 
1 Gallon         9.5” high X 9.5” Diameter 

Knives, Forks and Spoons
These genuine horn and bone handled knife, 
fork and spoons are perfect for your campsite. 
The table knife and two-tine fork are constructed with 
genuine buffalo horn scale handles. 
The spoon is solid genuine horn. 
5560-100-003       Horn Spoon 

Buffalo Horn Scale Handle
5560-100-004       Table Knife 
5560-100-001       Two-Tined Fork
5560-100-008       Table Spoon

Bone Scale Handle Knives, 
Forks and Spoons 5560-100-007      Table Knife 
5560-100-006       Two-Tined Fork
5560-100-009       Table Spoon

Hand Forged Utensils
Copied from the originals, these rugged primitive style utensils will add the authentic finishing touch to any table setting. 
The stiker knife 

5560-100-002       Twisted Fork
4926-006-001       Striker Knife

No. 7 Cast Iron Kettle
This 4 quart kettle makes a fine cooking vessel as is. Remove the ears and it also makes a good peyote drum, 6 ½” deep X 9 ¼” diameter at top.     5599-007-716

¼“ Square stock with twist and back curl. 
Perfect for hanging pots from camp tripods 
as well as other usages around the campsite. 

5576-041-001       3” 
5576-041-002       6” 
5576-041-003       9”

No camp should be without one of these authentic, early American cooking devices. Made of sheet iron, our brazier is patterned after those used from the Revolution right up into the 19th Century. It features a convenient iron carrying handle, pivoting grill top, removable coal tray, and four 3” legs. 8” X 8” Wide X 10” High 

Iron Skillet with Folding Handle
The most cumbersome thing to pack is a skillet with a long handle, so we came up with this authentically styled folding handle type that will fit anywhere. The handle is rolled into a tube that will fit anywhere. The handle is rolled into a tube so you can insert any length stick you want. The skillet will cook up a great meal! 9” diameter X 1” deep, w/ 5 ¼ “ long handle. 

Camp Basin
Made from very heavy hot-dipped tin, 
it is ideal for a wash basin or dish pan. 
15” top, 12” bottom, 3” sides.

Camp Scrubber
This handy item is great for scrubbing pots and dishes both at home 
and at the rendezvous. 
Fits right into a primitive camp. 

Camp Utensil Set
This hand-forged iron utensil set will add authenticity to any campsite, Including a knife, fork & spoon, each features a hook on the end for hanging. Food-Safe.       5560-100-010

Corn Boiler
These are great to use as a cup or cooking pot. Similar to a tin cup but with a bale, hinged loop, and handle. Made from heavy gauge tin, it is great for individual use while trekking. Holds approximately 24oz. 4” tall; 3 ¾ “ diameter       5562-003-075

Tin Cup
Handmade in the USA 
by a well-known tinsmith, 
these cups are sure to 
become your camp favorite. 

5560-300-001     12oz 
5560-300-003     32oz

Tin Plate
10 ½ “ Size with rolled edge and heavier tin-coated metal that’s food safe. 

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Ship Lantern
This lantern is punched all the way around and has a pewter finish. A great addition to any authentic campsite. 
Candle Sold Separately.      4684-013-001

Lantern Holder
This hand forged lantern holder helps disperse light around your camp. Made from 3/8” stock, features several twists and stands about 48” high.     5576-003-001

Beeswax Candle 
Fine Quality 100% Beeswax candles produced for uniform color, smoothness and even burning 7/8” X 8 ½” 

Mountain Man Candle Lantern
Wooden lantern, hand-made with glass panes. A lantern that is ideal for your teepee, camp, or home. Works well in wind. 5½” X 5½” Wide X 11” High.       4684-011-001

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Tobacco Box, Tinder Boxes

Hudson’s Bay Tobacco Box
Exact copy of this distinguished company’s Indian trade tobacco box complete with quality eight-power optical lens to light your fire or pipe by the sun, 4” long 

5550-010-101          Iron 
5550-010-201         Brass
5550-010-301         German Silver

Tinder Box
Authentic reproduction of an 18th century tinder box carried by soldiers and frontiersmen. Has hinged lid and is 3½” long. 

5550-020-101        Iron 
5550-020-201        Brass 
5550-020-301       German Silver

Oval Tinder Box
This brass Tinder Box is patterned after one found among 
George Washington’s personal effects at Mt. Vernon. 
He used it is a tackle box. 
This Tinder Box is an excellent pocket size, 
with flat lid that seals tightly.

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Tomahawks, Hawks, Handles

Engraved Brass Tomahawk
This nice reproduction of an old engraved brass smoking pipe axe features piercings, iron insert bit, completely drilled head and handle and is ready for smoking,. Complete with nicely finished hardwood handle. 19” overall length with handle. 

Ash Handles
Fire hardened ash handles that fit our Hudson’s Bay Custom Hand-Forged throwing Hawk and Blackhawk tomahawks. Fine 19” long handles that are great looking and priced at a bargain      4935-002-004

Miniature Smoking Hawk
A very nice miniature of the popular brass pipe axe with brass head and mouth piece. This hawk is completely drilled and ready for smoking. Overall length is 10¾”      4934-341-054

Hudson’s Bay Tomahawk
Perfectly balanced hand-forged head complete with straight grain hickory handle, very authentic.       4943-34-123-123

Missouri River War Hawk
Available in both brass and hand-forged iron, this authentic replica of the War Hawk features a 8 ¼“ long X 4” wide heavy blade that is decorated with the weeping heart cut-out, described in Peterson’s American Indian Tomahawks. The finely finished hardwood handle is enhanced with brass tacks over a “stair-step” carved grip. Also features an end hole for wrist thong. This is a superb replica that is great for display for carrying with your outfit. 

4934-222-024      Hand-Forged Iron 
4934-231-024      Brass

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Green River Knives
These high carbon steel “Green River’ knives and blades are identical to the ones used by our forefathers. These knives have been made by Russell Harrington Cutlery since the early 1800s, and feature proven designs used as working knives for almost 200 years. The mountain men, who opened the West, used the name Green River as a standard of quality for anything traded. These high carbon steel blades with Beechwood handles have a remarkable ability to hold their edge, and are stain resistant. 

Number                        Blade Length      Overall           Style
4925-010-001                        6”             11 ½“           Sticker 
4925-020-001                        6”            10 ½“            Buffalo Skinner 
4925-020-002                        5”             8 ¾“             Buffalo Skinner 
4925-030-001                        5 ¼“         9 ¾“             Sheep Skinner 
4925-040-001                        5”             9”                 Hunter 
4925-050-001                        4 ½“        8 ½“              Sheath Knife 
4925-060-001                        6”            10 ½“            Butcher 
4925-060-002                        8”            12 ½“            Butcher 
4925-070-001                        3 ¼“        6 ½“              Paring Knife 
4925-070-002                        3 ½“        7 ¼“              Pacific Paring 
4925-070-003                        3”            7”                  Spear Point Paring 
4925-070-004                        4”            8”                 Bear Tooth Paring 
4925-120-001                        8”            13 ½“           Fillet Knife 
4925-130-001                        --             21”              Broiler Fork

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Powwow Drums
The frames are hand-made from hardwood, plywood, covered with veneer 
and nicely finished. The rawhide we use for lacing and heads is bleached white 
and just the right weight for drums of this size. 
These are very well made and have a great sound. 
As these are hand-made, sizes are approximate. 

4572-002-024  24”X14” 
4572-002-029  29”X14” 
4572-002-012  20”X7”  ’49 Style

Deluxe Flutes
Native American hardwoods are used in making these flutes. The crane head model is available in cedar and the conventional Plains style is available in either Black Walnut or Maple. Finely finished and ready to play. 

6510-012-001  Plains Style, Black Walnut 
6510-012-002  Plains Style, Maple 
6510-013-003  Crane Head, Aromatic Cedar

Taos Rattle
Handmade from genuine rawhide and sinew with 
natural wood handles 
(cottonwood, aspen, etc.) 
these authentic, 
Southwestern style rattles 
are ready to use and 
are offered in 
both the turtle motif and 
traditional round style. 

4572-202-001  Traditional Turtle 
4572-202-002 Traditional Round 

River Cane Flute
This traditional flute comes from the 
Choctaw, Cherokee and other Southeastern tribes. 
They are made from Oklahoma river cane 
and are cut dried and selected for size and uniformity. They are hand-crafted and tuned, 
then finely finished in a deep chocolate brown color accented with soft buckskin thong. 
Sizes vary, but most flutes are approximately 
5/8” diameter X 14” long.       6510-011-900

Engraved Cedar Flutes

Treble      6510-014-001
20” X 1-1/8” 

Bass      6510-014-002
23” X 1 ¼” 

Deep Bass     6510-014-003
27” X1-3/8” 

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Rendezvous Trade blankets 
Beautiful, solid color blankets of 85% wool for capotes,
blanket leggings, camp blankets, etc. Available in the following colors: 
010         Grey 
218         Green          265         Navy 
Replace *** with desired color number 
3725-102-***        60”X80” 

Traditional Serapes 
These durable giant, traditional 5’X7’ 
Mexican serapes with many uses, 
come in a wide variety of color combinations. 

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Pendleton Robes & Shawls
Pendleton Color Chart

100 Bright Red    101 Bright Blue 103 Purple     104 Magenta    105 Black 
106 White         107 Pink           108 Silver Grey     109 Brown    110 Royal Blue 
111 Copper         112 Tan                113 Slate      114 Light Tan   116 Dark Green 
119 Cardinal        121 Blue           122 Dark Brown   124 Turquoise   127 Cherry         130 Navy         135 Dark Tan       173 Grey and Green      174 White and Tan 

Harding Blanket
Available ONLY in color 
106 & 105 
64”X80”      3710-421-106 

Storm Pattern
Available in colors 108 and 119. 
64”X80”          3710-431-*** 

Available in colors 100,105, 109, and 124.    64”X80”      3710-430-***

Pine Ridge
Available in colors 100, 105, and 108             64”X80”         3710-432-***

Serape Blanket
Available in all colors 
EXCEPT 104, 109, 112, 113, 114, 
121, 122, 130, 135, 173, and 174. 
64”X76”          3710-451-***

Eagle Blanket 
Available in color 106 ONLY. 
62”X76”        3710-481-***

Muchacho Crib Blankets
Available in colors:
100 - 101 - 103 - 106 - 110 - 114 - 116 - 119 - 121 - 130

Spirit Robe 
Available in colors 
100, 105, 110, 116, & 124 
64”X80”            3710-467-***

   Turtle Mountain
Available in colors 124 and 135. 
Queen Size 86”X90”  3710-414-***

Turtle Blanket 
Available in colors 173 and 174. 
64”X80”        3710-494-***

Saddle Blankets By Pendleton 
Available only in 100, 105, 
110, 114, 116, & 124 

Morning Star
Available in colors 100, 116. 119 and 124.    64”X80”            3710-469-***

National Park Collection 
From Pendleton’s 
National Park Blanket Collection, 
these popular crib styles a 
re now available in a 
100% virgin wool full size 
Full 80”X90”       Crib 32”X44” 
100% Virgin Wool 
3710-132-716 Ranier Park 
3710-132-738   Crater Lake 
3710-132-717    Glacier Park 

32”X44” 82% Wool – 18% Cotton 
3710-142-716 Ranier Park      3710-142-738 Crater Lake 
3710-142-717 Glacier Park 

Yakima Camp Blankets By Pendleton    3717-164-***
Medium weight wool blanket with Multi-colored stripes at each end. 
These make beautiful capotes! 66”X84” 
051 Grey Heather     052 Red Heather 053 Green Heather 
054 Blue Heather    055 Brown Heather 

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