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MISC Personal & Home Items

Dream Catchers
Legend has it that these were hung over the bed and only good dreams would be subsequent. 
The bad dreams were said to have been caught in the web of the Dream Catcher
and could not find their way out. 
Only the good dreams would make it 
through the webbing 
and find their way to the person sleeping below. 

The mandella symbolizes 
the shield of good luck. 
By having one in the dwelling, 
it was believed 
that the Gods would protect 
and bring prosperity, good health and happiness. 

Quilled Medicine Wheels
Fine Sioux Indian-made Quillwork in assorted colors. 
NOTE: These are hand-made and sizes may vary (approx. 2” diameter) 
Most are on genuine rawhide. 

4507-001-001 Single 
4507-001-002 Pair 

Genuine Bone & Imitation Stag Pendants
These genuine hand-carved bone and imitation stag rosette pendants 
are very nicely made. 
Each is strung with a soft deerskin thong, 
crowbeads and pendant which measures approximately 3”. 
Total length approx. 15’ 

Genuine Buffalo Horn Bear Claw 
Water Buffalo Tooth 
Hand Carved Bone Arrowhead 
Bone Arrowhead 
Bone Bear Claw 
709-1515-007 Bone Turtle 
709-1515-007 Bone Large Turtle
709-1515-007 Bone Wolf Track 
709-1515-007 Bone War Eagle 
709-1515-007 Bone Medicine Wheel 
709-5323-001 Bear - Imitation Stag 
709-5323-001 Buffalo - Imitation Stag 
709-5323-001 Eagle - Imitation Stag 
709-5323-001 Turtle - Imitation Stag 

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Bags - Gun, Rifle Covers

TradeCloth Bags
Made from broadcloth in assorted colors (red, blue, purple and green) each has a leather drawstring with beads. Approximately 2.5” - 3.5” X 5” - 6”       4524-304-002

Belt Bags
These bags are for those who want to keep their possibles bag right at the hip. Made from heavy, durable leather and featuring two top loops with plenty of room for your belt to pass. Available in two sizes, both come with an inside pocket for storage, while the larger bag also features an outside pocket. 

4524-201-013       Small 
4524-201-014       Large

Shaman’s Bag w/ Fringe
Made from a soft suede leather and features a fringed flap. Also comes with thong for hanging around the neck. 

Half Moon Bag
These fringed drawstring bags are made from heavy cowhide suede in earthtone colors such as tan, russet and dark brown, featuring drawstring lace closures and long fringe. Great for stowing away your extra possibles. 

4524-203-001       Regular, approx. 6” X 8” 
4524-203-002       Large, approx. 8” X 10”

Medicine Bag w/ fringe
Made from soft suede leather in earth tones, each bag features a long thong to keep it closed and allows for hanging around the neck. Comes in two sizes. 

4524-205-006       Small 
4524-205-007       Large

Fringed Possibles Pouch
This long genuine leather bag is perfect to slip under your belt for carrying those possibles and necessary items at rendezvous. 
7 ¼” X 18”       4524-203-004

Small Drawstring Leather Pouch
Nice 7” X 4 ½ “ Cowhide bag. Looks great with a beaded medallion (not included)       4524-203-003

Fringed Rifle Cases
Protect your smoke-pole with an authentic, genuine suede leather case. Complete with fringe at front and back 

Northern Plains - approx. 50” long 
Crow - approx. 58” long

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Tobacco Box, Tinder Boxes

Hudson’s Bay Tobacco Box
Exact copy of this distinguished company’s Indian trade tobacco box complete with quality eight-power optical lens to light your fire or pipe by the sun, 4” long 

5550-010-101          Iron 
5550-010-201         Brass
5550-010-301         German Silver

Tinder Box
Authentic reproduction of an 18th century tinder box carried by soldiers and frontiersmen. Has hinged lid and is 3½” long. 

5550-020-101        Iron 
5550-020-201        Brass 
5550-020-301       German Silver

Oval Tinder Box
This brass Tinder Box is patterned after one found among 
George Washington’s personal effects at Mt. Vernon. 
He used it is a tackle box. 
This Tinder Box is an excellent pocket size, 
with flat lid that seals tightly.

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Powwow Drums
The frames are hand-made from hardwood, plywood, covered with veneer 
and nicely finished. The rawhide we use for lacing and heads is bleached white 
and just the right weight for drums of this size. 
These are very well made and have a great sound. 
As these are hand-made, sizes are approximate. 

4572-002-024  24”X14” 
4572-002-029  29”X14” 
4572-002-012  20”X7”  ’49 Style

Deluxe Flutes
Native American hardwoods are used in making these flutes. The crane head model is available in cedar and the conventional Plains style is available in either Black Walnut or Maple. Finely finished and ready to play. 

6510-012-001  Plains Style, Black Walnut 
6510-012-002  Plains Style, Maple 
6510-013-003  Crane Head, Aromatic Cedar

Taos Rattle
Handmade from genuine rawhide and sinew with 
natural wood handles 
(cottonwood, aspen, etc.) 
these authentic, 
Southwestern style rattles 
are ready to use and 
are offered in 
both the turtle motif and 
traditional round style. 

4572-202-001  Traditional Turtle 
4572-202-002 Traditional Round 

River Cane Flute
This traditional flute comes from the 
Choctaw, Cherokee and other Southeastern tribes. 
They are made from Oklahoma river cane 
and are cut dried and selected for size and uniformity. They are hand-crafted and tuned, 
then finely finished in a deep chocolate brown color accented with soft buckskin thong. 
Sizes vary, but most flutes are approximately 
5/8” diameter X 14” long.       6510-011-900

Engraved Cedar Flutes

Treble      6510-014-001
20” X 1-1/8” 

Bass      6510-014-002
23” X 1 ¼” 

Deep Bass     6510-014-003
27” X1-3/8” 

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Navajo Land Series Blankets

These blankets feature bold, 
clearly defined patterns 
which are characteristic of designs popular on the reservations 
of Arizona and New Mexico. 
Assorted colors and patterns 
vary from bright traditional to 
modern earth tones. 
Each one measures approx. 72’X86” 
and are made from a blend of 
85% wool and 15% acrylic. 
Assorted colors only. 3711-200-900

Rendezvous Trade blankets 
Beautiful, solid color blankets of 85% wool for capotes, blanket leggings, camp blankets, etc. Available in the following colors: 
010         Grey 
218         Green          265         Navy 
Replace *** with desired color number 
3725-102-***        60”X80” 

Give Away Super 56” X 74” 
Mexican Blanket
These 56” X 74” blankets are beautiful, 
available in assorted colors. 

Traditional Serapes 
These durable giant, traditional 5’X7’ 
Mexican serapes with many uses, 
come in a wide variety of color combinations.

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Pendleton Robes & Shawls
Pendleton Color Chart

100 Bright Red    101 Bright Blue 103 Purple     104 Magenta    105 Black 
106 White         107 Pink           108 Silver Grey     109 Brown    110 Royal Blue 
111 Copper         112 Tan                113 Slate      114 Light Tan   116 Dark Green 
119 Cardinal        121 Blue           122 Dark Brown   124 Turquoise   127 Cherry         130 Navy         135 Dark Tan       173 Grey and Green      174 White and Tan 

Harding Blanket
Available ONLY in color 
106 & 105 
64”X80”      3710-421-106 

Storm Pattern
Available in colors 108 and 119. 
64”X80”          3710-431-*** 

Available in colors 100,105, 109, and 124.    64”X80”      3710-430-***

Pine Ridge
Available in colors 100, 105, and 108             64”X80”         3710-432-***

Serape Blanket
Available in all colors 
EXCEPT 104, 109, 112, 113, 114, 
121, 122, 130, 135, 173, and 174. 
64”X76”          3710-451-***

Eagle Blanket 
Available in color 106 ONLY. 
62”X76”        3710-481-***

Muchacho Crib Blankets
Available in colors:
100 - 101 - 103 - 106 - 110 - 114 - 116 - 119 - 121 - 130

Spirit Robe 
Available in colors 
100, 105, 110, 116, & 124 
64”X80”            3710-467-***

   Turtle Mountain
Available in colors 124 and 135. 
Queen Size 86”X90”  3710-414-***

Turtle Blanket 
Available in colors 173 and 174. 
64”X80”        3710-494-***

Saddle Blankets By Pendleton 
Available only in 100, 105, 
110, 114, 116, & 124 

Morning Star
Available in colors 100, 116. 119 and 124.    64”X80”            3710-469-***

Tesuque - King Size 
Available in colors 100 & 124           108”X124”           3710-400-***

National Park Collection 
From Pendleton’s 
National Park Blanket Collection, 
these popular crib styles a 
re now available in a 
100% virgin wool full size 
Full 80”X90”       Crib 32”X44” 
100% Virgin Wool 
3710-132-716 Ranier Park 
3710-132-738   Crater Lake 
3710-132-717    Glacier Park 

32”X44” 82% Wool - 18% Cotton 
3710-142-716 Ranier Park      3710-142-738 Crater Lake 
3710-142-717 Glacier Park 

Yakima Camp Blankets By Pendleton    3717-164-***
Medium weight wool blanket with Multi-colored stripes at each end. 
These make beautiful capotes! 66”X84” 
051 Grey Heather     052 Red Heather 053 Green Heather 
054 Blue Heather    055 Brown Heather 

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Selling Leathercraft Supplies and Teaching People How To Use Them Since 1999
Custom Leather For 30+ Years!
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