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Free Leathercraft Patterns  -  Free Leather carving and Leather tooling patterns

LCSJ-1100   The Leather Crafters & Saddlers Journal

This is the only magazine of its kind in the world!  This magazine contains projects, patterns and ideas 
all in line with your interest in leatherwork.  The range of this magazine is from novice to professional leather-worker.
Buy it here at the shop or subscribe via the Leather Crafters and Saddlers Journal direct and tell them Standing Bear's Trading Post sent you!

Leather Resource Library - Leather Craft Books

how to lace book - leather craft supplies
How To Lace

Features fifteen lacing methods in
step-by-step instructions to get
professional results. 14 pages.
basic leatherwork book
Basic Leatherwork

Used by institutions as the stu dent textbook.
Contains complete ba sic beginning
leather-carving instructions.
12 pages.
the leather craft handbook - leather craft supplies
The Leather Craft Handbook

This book  includes transferring patterns, basic
stamping, basic carving, coloring, staining, dyeing, lacing,
stitching, setting hardware and belt making. By Tony
and Kay Laier. 30 pages.

sheridan style carving book
Sheridan Style Carving

Written by Wyoming leather artists
Bill Gardner, Clinton Fay and Bob
Likewise. Contains sections on how
Sheridan Style tools are used, patterns,
dyeing techniques and helpful hints.
136 pages.
leather braiding book - leather craft supplies
Leather Braiding

Learn to braid buttons, belts, hatbands, quirts and more.
Bruce Grant’s clearly written guide to the art of leather
braiding contains detailed illustrations, step-by-step
instructions and a wealth of fascinating information.
192 pages.
belts galore book - leather craft supplies
Belts Galore

This book of belt making contains detailed photos,
illustrations, tracing and carving patterns, plus over 70
designs. 34 pages.
figure carving book - leathercraft supplies
Figure Carving

Learn how to carve fish, horses, birds and many other animals from the internationally recognized king of figure carving,
Al  Stohlman. 28 pages.
inverted carving book
Inverted Leather Carving

Al Stohlman’s introduction to the art of silhouette and inverted carving. Learn the fundamentals of rough-out carving. 48 pages.
how to carve leather book - leathercraft supplies
How to Carve Leather

Shows and explains figure and western floral carving
(including a lot of animals). Over 60 patterns for billfolds,
belts and more. 48 pages.
lucky eight belt book, lucky 8 - leathercraft supplies
Lucky Eight Belt Book

Over 50 belt designs from
eight top leathercrafters. 36 pages.
how to make holsters book - leathercraft supplies
How to Make Holsters

The book offers full-size tracing patterns and illustrations,
so you can make a holster to fit any pistol. 32 pages.
leatherwork manual book
Leatherwork Manual

introduction to leathercraft carving,. lacing , dyeing, leather fabrication, cutting leather, setting snaps, using chisels, special tips and the proper use of selected hand tools. In addition, three projects with complete patterns and instructions are included. The projects are a key case, billfold and handbag. 160 pages.
leather crafting book - leathercraft supplies
Leather Crafting

The Leathercrafting book covers a wide variety of subjects including the history of leather, leather definitions, preparing your leather for stamping, proper use of the swivel knife and how to use leather stamping/tooling stamps. It also shows you the proper way to use leather dyes and stains, as well as lacing and stitching techniques. An excellent book for taking a beginner from start to finish. 58 pages.
abcs of leathercrafting leatherwork manual
ABC’s of Leatherwork

Learn the basics of leathercraft with this book. Learn to use a swivel knife, stamp, dye,finish, lace, handstitch, skive, gouge, set snaps and more. 30 pages.
lacing and stitching for leathercraft
Lacing & Stitching for Leathercraft

Techniques on lacing, stitching, splicing,
hole punching and needle threading.
22 pages.
alphabets for the leather crafter book
Alphabets for the Leather Crafter

14 different designs to personalize leather projects. Features 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" and 2" size alphabets. 48 pages.
stohlman projects and desifn book for leathercrafts

Projects & Designs
This book features some of Al Stohlman’s imaginative and creative designs. It’s the perfect book for beginners and experts alike. Includes 30 projects. 80 pages.
craftool tech tips leathercraft technique book
Craftool Tech-Tips

This unique manual was created especially for beginners and intermediates. Shows tools and techniques for tooling leather. Learn to use swivel knives, stamping tools and more. 22 pages.
the art of making leather cases book volume 1
The Art of Making Leather Cases

Volume One
Make small cases for knives, cameras and more.
120 pages.

the art of making leather cases book volume 2
The Art of Making  Leather Cases

Volume Two
Make briefcases, attaché cases, boot cases and more.
132 pages.
the art of making leather cases book volume 3
The Art of Making Leather Cases

Volume Three
Make gun and guitar cases, golf bags and more.
116 pages.
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The Stohlman Encyclopedia of Saddlemaking 61940-05
the stohlman encyclopedia of saddle making, saddlemaking instruction

The Stohlman Encyclopedia of Saddle Making is the most complete set of instructions on saddle making ever published.
Begun in 1988,  this is the last significant work completed by Al before his death in 1998.
Originally published in three volumes, this 708 page book shares the knowledge and insight of saddle making
that Al Stohlman spent his life perfecting. Using hand drawn illustrations and photos throughout the book,
Al makes it possible for the novice leather craftsman to tackle the ultimate leather project.
If you ever plan to build a saddle, this is a resource you will want to have access to.

coloring leather book
Coloring Leather

Learn about cross-dyeing, shading, staining and brushing techniques. Includes dye mixing charts. Written by Al Stohlman. 54 pages.
art of hand sewing leather book
The Art of Hand Sewing Leather

Al Stohlman shows you timeless stitching techniques with valuable information on tools and materials needed to get started. 72 pages.
sewing with leather manual
Sewing with Leather

A helpful manual for sewing leather garments and accessories. 14 pages.
how to buckstitch lace book
How to Buckstitch

Various buckstitching techniques for handbags, buckles, billfolds and more. 48 pages.
stohlman step by step book
Stohlman Step By Step
Peter Main teaches how to carve oak leaves, acorns, wild roses and other flowers, as well as many styles of leaves and scrolls by Al Stohlman's methods.
26 Pages
pictorial carving finesse book
Pictorial Carving Finesse

The best book available to teach you the beauty of pictorial carving. Learn to carve scenery that looks realistic, including grass, rocks, trees, mountains, clouds, smoke, fire, water and more. Explains perspective and color dyeing.
Written by Al Stohlman. 72 pages.
figure carving finesse leathercraft book
Figure Carving Finesse

Al Stohlman explains in text and carved examples how to do everything from eyelashes to raindrops. Hundreds of animals are shown with explanations on how to carve skin textures, hair and fur types, and almost anything else you might attempt. 132 pages.
finesse leather carving tracing patterns
Finesse Tracing Patterns

Set of full-size tracing patterns designed to accompany Pictorial Carving Finesse and Figure Carving Finesse. Contains 52 pattern sheets. 8 pages.
leathercraft tool guide leatherwork book
Leathercraft Tools

This complete guide helps you with the proper selection, use and care of tools. Contains usage and sharpening tips for
knives, punches, chisels, edgers and many other leathercraft tools. 98 pages.
deerskin into buckskins book
Deerskins into Buckskins

Over 130 photos and illustrations
bring you step by step from raw skin to velvety soft buckskin and then show you how to create beautiful garments and useful goods. This book is rich with details and teaches brain
tanning as a natural process
braiding fine leather book leather braiding Open 6 days a week Mon. - Sat. 10am - 6pm (1PM - 9PM Eastern Time)
Braiding Fine Leather

This book, from the whipmaker of the Indiana Jones movies, is geared toward beginners but also makes a great addition to any experienced braider’s library. Includes instructions and photographs for seven projects that become more challenging with each lesson. The techniques are from Australian whipmaking shops, which are recognized for their high-quality work. 148 pages.
pictorial leather carving manual
Pictorial Carving

Shows how to carve animals, birds, flowers and scenery. Step-by-step illustrations for using contour bevelers, modeling tools and other figure and pictorial carving tools. Written by Al Stohlman. 16 pages.
stohlman top 20 pattern leathercraft book
Al Stohlman’s Top 20

Includes 20 great patterns for billfolds and alphabet patterns for personalizing projects. 36 pages.
lucky seven leathercraft pattern book
Lucky Seven

17 wallet designs. Includes tracing and photocarve patterns. 36 pages.
braiding and lacing for fun
Braiding and Lacing for Fun
An easy-to-follow instruction book on braiding and lacing. Includes over 40 projects. 28 pages.
learn to draw celtic designs book
Learn to Draw Celtic Designs
Containing more than 150 original, ready- to-use patterns, this informative book will show you how to draw and decorate in the authentic Celtic style with expert tips and techniques. Learn to draw
twists, knots, braids, corners, animals and finials. 96 pages.
sewing leather accessories book
Sewing Leather Accessories
How to make custom belts, gloves and clutches.
80 pages.
handmade leather bags and accessories book
Handmade Leather Bags & Accessories
Written by Elean "Birdy Teacher" Ho. Patterns and instructions to create classic bags and accessories with a modern flair. 112 pages.
  leather and bead jewelry to make book
Leather & Bead Jewelry To Make
Written by Cat Horn. Clear step-by-step instructions for 30 cool bracelets, pendants and more. 128 pages.
how to work with leather book
How To Work With Leather
Over 20 classic and contemporary leatherwork projects for both the beginner and advanced leatherworker. Each technique is carefully explained with step-by-step instructions to get you started.
Includes everything you need to bring handcrafted leather to your wardrobe and home. 160 pages.
anyone can do leatherwok instructional book
Anyone Can Do Leatherwork
Basic to more complex leather projects. South African
leather designer Geert Schuiling walks readers through the essentials with photos and explanations of necessary tools, types and cuts of leathers and the beginning techniques of leathercrafting. Forty-four patterns are included so readers can create their own templates for projects ranging from simple coasters and trays to wallets and purses. 160 pages.
tatto art coloring book line art for leather
Tattoo Art Coloring Book
Contains 90 beautifully executed tattoo-inspired designs. From traditional subjects, such as skulls and flowers, to Japanese imagery such as koi and dragons. The designs are the perfect inspiration for your next leather carving project. 96 pages.
the art of leather burning book
The Art of Leather Burning
Learn how to use a leather burning tool with confidence. Legendary wood and leathercrafter Lora Susan Irish focuses solely on leather pyrography techniques and projects. Inside you will find step-by-step directions with full-color photographs to help you learn this beautiful craft. 122 pages.
leather bracelets book
Leather Bracelets
Make the most of one of today’s hottest jewelry trends with this book. Inside you will find 33 beautiful beaded, knotted and braided accessories that would be at home on the shelves of the most stylish designer boutiques. 112 pages.
leathercrafted book
Learn the secrets behind bold designs with a modern edge. LeatherCrafted teaches you how to cut, punch, sew and rivet leather into one-of-a-kind accessories. Start small with a simple keychain, then build up to a belt, wallet, phone case, messenger bag and more.
128 pages.
indian handcrafts book
Indian Handcrafts
Learn how to recreate authentic Indian handcrafts such as moccasins, lacings, purse nets, wigwams, snakeskin belts and so much more with this amazing book. 138 pages.
leathercraft basic small articles and bags japanese book
Leathercraft Basic Small Articles & Bags
This Japanese-language how-to book includes step-by-step photos so that readers from every country can follow the instructions – even if they can’t read Japanese.
The book includes removable templates for all 11 projects, including keychains, wallets, gift boxes and purses.
167 pages.
the art and craft of leather book
The Art and Craft of Leather
Leathercrafters of all experience levels will value the author’s presentation of history, techniques and information.
This well-illustrated book explains the role leathercraft has played through history and discusses various tanning methods. Nontraditional ideas fill this book with eight different projects.
160 pages.
leather bags pattern book
Leather Bags 
Learn to make classic rucksacks, clutches, drawstring bags, totes, bucket bags, wallets, tablet sleeves, smartphone cases, backpacks, tassels, luggage tags, weekenders and crossbody bags with this colorful hardback book. Has pages for needed tools, techniques for using patterns, caring for leather, troubleshooting problems and full-color, step-by-step instructions. Includes
full-size patterns. 125 pages.
creative leather jewelry project book
Creative Leather Jewelry By Christina Anton.

Turn small pieces of leather into colorful geometric earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Simple instructions are illustrated to make them easy to follow. Author explains all tools, leather, materials and techniques needed to complete 21 projects. 119 pages.
Making Leather Knife Sheaths   By David Hölter
Protect your beautiful hand-forged knives or keep your favorite piece of cutlery close for daily use with a leather sheath.
From basic leatherworking techniques to the professional-level tips you need to make your project its best, these how-to books will walk you through the steps to produce your own fixed-blade knife sheath.
Each step, from the first sketch to the final leather treatment, is explained comprehensibly through words and high-quality images.
how ro make knife sheath leathercraft book
Making Leather Knife Sheaths  Volume 1
Choose from four different designs, each presented in detail, including a sheath with folded belt loop, a scabbard with leather lining and riveted belt loop, a sheath with safety strap and attached belt loop and a scabbard with belt clip.
144 pages.
how ro make knife sheath leathercraft book
Making Leather Knife Sheaths  Volume 2
This book will walk you through the steps to produce two top-quality welted sheath designs: a welted sheath with attached belt loop and one with belt clip and protective strap. This book also serves as a manual for developing other sheaths of your own design.
144 pages.
how ro make knife sheath leathercraft book
Making Leather Knife Sheaths  Volume 3
This book shows how a welted leather sheath for a fixed blade is designed and constructed. This volume teaches a welted sheath design with both a separate Mexican loop and a snap fastener.
152 pages.

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Leathercraft Pattern Packs

vest leathercraft pattern pack
Vest Patterns 
Western and traditional styles in adult sizes small, medium and large. Child’s traditional style in small, medium, large and X-large.
chap leathercraft pattern pack
Chap Patterns Pack 
Make your own pair of chaps for ranch, rodeo or biking.
Patterns include batwing, shotgun and chinks.
horse and tack leathercraft pattern pack
Horse Tack Accessories Pattern Pack
Full size patterns with instructions on breast collars, halters, bridles, head stalls and more.
archery leathercraft pattern pack
Archery Pattern Pack
Patterns for a full compound bow case, arm and finger guards and five quiver styles. Detailed instructions included.
rifle case leathercraft pattern pack
Rifle Case Patterns
Three distinctly different case patterns for you to create and customize.
saddlebag leathercraft pattern pack
Saddlebag Patterns
Full size patterns and detailed instructions for two great styles of saddlebags and horn bags.
holster gunbelt leathercraft pattern pack
Holster and Gun Belt Pattern Pack
Step-by-step instructions for custom holsters, shoulder holster, gun belts and pistol caddy.
handbag leathercraft pattern pack
Handbag Patterns
Four fantastic designs. The Classic, Downtowner, Mustang and Rodeo. Detailed instructions are included.

plains book moccasin leathercraft pattern pack

Plains Boot Moccasin Pattern Pack  6035-00
Leathercraft pattern to create authentically styled knee high boots. Men’s sizes 5 to 12.
buscasero belts holsters leathercraft pattern pack
Buscadero Belts & Holsters 
Patterns for twenty-five holsters and five gun belts from F.O. Baird.
How-to instructions for Spanish Round Lacing, alphabets and pattern making.
Bullsye Holster Pattern Pack
Bullsye Holster Pattern Pack

Design your own cartridge belt, shoulder rig, magazine pouch and holsters for medium or large revolvers or
semi-automatic pistols, using detailed instructions and full-size patterns.

show and rodeo chaps leathercraft pattern pack
Show & Rodeo Chap Pattern Pack  62665-00
Patterns and instructions for two batwing, three shotgun and a child’s shotgun style chap.
mens leather vest leathercraft pattern pack
Men's Vest Pattern
  Full-size patterns. Makes sizes small, medium and large.
motorcycle accessory leathercraft pattern pack
Motorcycle Accessory Pattern Pack  62667-00
Patterns and instructions for three styles of leather saddle bags, a sissy bar bag and a tool pouch.
moccasin leathercraft pattern pack
Moccasin Pattern Pack
This pack features fullsize cutting patterns and instructions for two styles.
Makes Fringed Boot in men’s sizes 4 to 12, women’s 5 to 13.
Makes Scout Moc in men’s sizes 5 to 12, women’s sizes 4 to 13.
plainsman boot leathercraft pattern pack
Plainsman Boot Pattern  62690-00
Full-sized patterns and instructions for comfortable, rugged, knee-high lace-up boots.
For men’s sizes 5 to 13 and women’s sizes 6 to 14.
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